Your Guide to Les Poulettes Organic Sheet Mask

LES POULETTES is the first range of organic cotton sheet masks certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert, made in France. The founder, Alexis Fort, has been an organic enthusiast for over 15 years and decided to create his own brand based on the values which mattered most for him: honesty, transparency, and goodwill. The formulas contain a minimum of 99% naturally derived ingredients and the plant extracts are mainly organic, such as aloe vera, damascus rose water, moringa seed, and almond oil, coming from ethical agriculture supply chains. Read on to discover which mask was made for you! 


anti age mask les poulettes sanna conscious concept


Anti-age mask from Les Poulettes, 8.00€


The anti-aging mask will help you smooth out wrinkles and firm up your skin. Composed of organic aloe vera and lipoamino acid to promote collagen, and  maintain the skin’s moisture balance for a more youthful look. In 10 minutes, the skin feels smoother and firmer and radiates with a youthful glow. 


detox sheet les poulettes sanna conscious concept


Pollution Shield Mask from Les Poulettes, 8.00€ 


Designed for urbanites, this formula helps prevent the adherence of pollution particles that asphyxiate the skin and make it look dull. It forms a protective biofilm against environmental aggressors on the skin surface while supporting its moisture balance.


radiant glow mask sheet les poulettes sanna conscious concept


Organic Radiant Glow Express Face Mask from Les Poulettes, 8.00€ 


This mask is ideal to give dull faces a boost that will illuminate and plump up your skin in 10 minutes. Made of organic argan oil from Morocco, this mask is rich in vitamin E, powerful antioxidants and fatty acids to help tone your skin and bring brightness.


Organic Revitalizing & Boosting Face mask les poulettes sanna conscious concept


Organic Revitalizing & Boosting Face Mask from Les Poulettes, 8.00


Formulated with grapefruit essential oil and aloe vera, this anti-fatigue mask will bring you energy, vitality and hydration. The floral rose water and the sweet almond oil will tone and revitalize your skin. The face regains freshness and luminosity in just 10 minutes.


hydra fresh mask les poulettes sanna conscious concept


Hydra Fresh mask from Les Poulettes, 8.00€


Is your skin feeling dried out? Try the hydra-freshening mask with highly humectant, naturally derived polysaccharides to boost skin hydration and smooth fine lines. High concentrations of vegetable glycerin and organic Aloe Vera help reinforce the soothing, comforting and hydrating benefits. Your skin will look instantly replenished, replumped and dewy without any uncomfortable residue feeling.


eye patch les poulettes sanna conscious concept


Eye Patches from Les Poulettes, 7.00€


Want to depuff your eyes? Look no further than the first organic hydrogel eye patches on the market. Thanks to their unique shape covering the entire eye area, these “full contour” patches can simultaneously treat the upper and lower eyelids. Infused with a formula rich in plant extracts, they help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness for a revived and rejuvenated eye contour. The patches are made of a natural polymer: carrageenans. These red-algae polysaccharides are combined with water to form a fresh film-forming gel on the skin.

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