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Clean manufacturing

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Ultimate Facelift cream is a lifting day treatment based on rejuvenating Nothern birch water, wrinkle-filling hyaluronic acid and the exclusive Madara’s cell repair bio-complex proven to improve skin elasticity and firmness, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Formulated to deliver instant and long-term lifting, tightening and smoothing effects, this natural face cream is a daily facelift intended for sagging skin that has lost firmness.

For instant improved skin appearance, Madara day cream is infused with wrinkle blurring and light-reflecting mineral particles that soften imperfections.

Scientifically proven results of Madara Ultimate facelift day cream* :

  • 1 min : fewer imperfections, less visible lines, smoother skin
  • 5 min : immediate tightening effect on the collagen fibre network
  • 15 min : lifted skin, less visible lines and wrinkles
  • 1 hour : reduced wrinkle depth – proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 26% within 1 hour
  • 2 weeks : renewed skin, increases dermal skin cell regeneration by 25%

MADARA is an award-winning, certified natural and organic self-care brand from Latvia. With a clinical approach, Madara harnesses the power of modern technology and their secret ingredient: Birch water. With the outbreak of spring, birch trees across the northern hemisphere prepare themselves for blossoming by running an energizing liquid to their branches, known as birch water. This traditional detox drink of northern cultures was recently discovered to have powerful anti-age effects on the skin. All of Madara’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and Ecocert certified. Lets take a hint from the beautiful people of the North!

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