Solid Hair Conditioner for all hair types

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Welcome to your plastic-free shower! One of the essentials is solid hair conditioner, and this one by APO France is 100% natural, vegan, and certified organic by Ecocert. Designed for all hair types, it disentangles and nourishes, with a delicious fragrance of coconut milk and vanilla notes, made without essential oil. 

The solid hair conditioner is equal to more than 100 uses and comes in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging certified PEFC paper (from sustainably managed forests) to reach a zero-waste goal and stop the use of plastic bottles! Artisanal manufactured in the North of France. 

How to use: Use after washing hair with the Solid Shampoo. Slide the bar between your hands on the wet split ends. Immediately disentangling (even if the lathered product is invisible!) To maximize the lifetime of your solid hair conditioner use a soap holder (with holes, grid or in luffa fibers), keep away from water splashes.

APO FRANCE is an organic, zero-waste cosmetics brand started by two dads in the North of France. They believe that the products we use every day, and for our children, should be as simple as possible, without ingredients of concern, and affordable. Their soap maker, Romuald, was previously an R&D formulator in the pharmaceutical industry, working to develop drugs to fight against leukemia. After years of working in a protective suit and taking repeated safety showers, his skin suffered from permanent contact with synthetic products. Not finding suitable soaps for his skin condition, he decided to make his own extra-creamy, cold-pressed soaps with moisturizing and nourishing properties.

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