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It is Fall in Paris and you are never without your alpaca wool woven scarf – it is the perfect accessory to keep in your handbag in case you get cold during apero on the Seine.

Made from pure alpacas wool, this woven scarf is exceptionally soft, reversible, and lightweight.  Alpaca wool has a hollow fiber structure, which makes it insulating in the cold, and breathable in the heat, making it the best accessory for anytime of the year.  The fibers of alpaca wool do not contain lanolin and are therefore hypoallergenic – it will not feel itchy against the skin! Snow, rain or even red wine have no chance with alpaca wool, it is naturally water-repellent and fire-resistant.

Please note that until you wash your scarf for the first time, it may shed. You will not need to clean your alpaca wool scarf often, but when you do we recommend to either hand wash it with a delicate cleaner and lay flat to dry, or dry clean.

ALPACA LOCA is a Dutch brand producing luxury Alpaca wool scarves and blankets, handmade in Ecuador by a community of weavers. The owner, Annemarie, makes regular visits to the factory and ensures that the weavers receive fair salaries and have good working conditions. Your purchase directly contributes to Ecuador’s economic growth and alleviating the poverty of alpaca herders.

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