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Formulated with rare, sustainably sourced omega-9 rich Rahua oil, the restorative rahua classic shampoo leaves hair soft, silky, and luminous, and scalp soothed. Naturally scented with the fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil, this cult-favorite formula is concentrated and will keep your scalp in balance—not too oily, and not too dry. Best for all hair types. 

Apply on thoroughly wet hair and work into a lather. Rinse and follow with Rahua Classic Conditioner. Use regularly for best results. Benefits include promoting healthier scalp, hair growth and shine. 

Ingredients: Rahua (Ungurahua) Oil, Quinoa, Palo Santo, Organic Aloe, Organic Green Tea, Organic Raspberry Leaf and Coconut Betaines.

Size: 275ml

RAHUA is a plant-based hair care company, founded by New-York hairstylist, Fabian Lliguin. The star ingredient in Rahua products is the Rahua oil, which is derived from the Rahua seed, originating in the Amazon rainforest, and obtained by the Quechua-Shuar tribe. Aside from being organic and vegan, Rahua created their own sustainability standard, Symbiotic, which means that the ingredients are grown in the wild (not cultivated), processed by hand using ancestral knowledge, and artisans are paid a price above fair trade, the build economies and strengthen the position of indigenous peoples. Take part in the Amazonian secret for strong, shinning hair!

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