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Clean manufacturing

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My favorite Gua Sha form, which I have never seen anywhere else! This face massage stone encourages radiant, healthy skin, and is crafted with authentic clear quartz. It adjusts to the natural contours of your face to sculpt & lift, by gently massaging over your skin, it stimulates lymphatic drainage and kickstarts micro-circulation. Gua Sha is known to decrease puffiness, promote anti-aging, improve elasticity, oxygenate skin, detoxify and rebuild collagen. Results are visible with regular use. Includes a cotton carry pouch to keep your stone clean and protected. 

How to use: This face stone works by pressing and stroking against your skin in sweeping movements. Cleanse face and hands. Apply serum or natural oil (we love this one) to your face & neck to help stone glide over skin. Make sweeping motions from the middle of the face to the hairline, on the forehead, cheekbones, and under the eyes. Glide over your lips back & forth 6 times. Glide the stone upwards from the centre of your chin, out to the ears to contour the jaw. Sweep from under the chin down the neck to continue the drainage process. Always sweep out and down!

ERE PEREZ is a natural, vegan skincare and makeup line made from powerful botanical ingredients, such as carrots, almonds, rice, and vanilla, for clean, conscious living. Founder, Ere, grew up in Mexico with a traditional medicine man as her grandfather, and a mother who made home beauty remedies. 15 years later, Ere Perez HQ can be found at Bondi Beach, where Ere lives with her family and collaborates with her amazing team to create unique, natural skin products that are luxurious, fuss-free, affordable, and all about healthy, radiant skin.

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