Pragati Turmeric

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The freshest, most potent turmeric, the new gold standard! So bright, so zesty, and deeply floral, it’s turmeric like you’ve never had before. Equally perfect for a spiced curry or a golden latte. To unlock the full nutritional value of turmeric, add with freshly cracked Pepper.

The harvest for 2020 yielded turmeric with 5.2% curcumin. This season’s Turmeric was grown by the Kasaraneni family on their 3rd generation farm. While Mr. Prabhu Kasaraneni’s family has been farming for three generations, he is a self taught organic farmer who began growing heirloom Pragati turmeric in 2015, with assistance from the Indian Institute of Spice Research.

DIASPORA CO is an Indian spice company, founded by Sana Javeri Kadri, which works with 12 farms and 320+ farmworkers across 6 states to produce a range of single-origin spices. They proudly pay their farm partners an average of 6x more than the commodity price in an effort to decolonize the commodities back into seasonal crops and to turn a broken system into an equal exchange. Diaspora CO works in close partnership with the Indian Council of Agriculture Research to identify and provide ongoing support to their farm partners, all of whom are on the cutting edge of regenerative and sustainable agriculture. You won’t find fresher spices with this short of a supply chain anywhere else!

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