Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Body Sunscreen SPF30

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Protect your skin from the sun rays all year round with this breakthrough mineral-based body sunscreen. Patent-pending stem cells from Northern Dragonhead deliver a hyper dose of potent antioxidants to fight the No. 1 enemy of youthful skin – free radicals. 

Raspberry seed oil and vitamin E team up for SPF-boosting and restoring power, while the silky glide-on texture, translucent finish, and zesty fragrance make skin protection an enjoyable experience. Ensures broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. 

This product is dermatologically tested, cruelty, nut and gluten free, certified by Ecocert. Suitable for both men and women. Made in Latvia. 

How to use: Wear on bare skin or apply over your daily moisturizer, like this one.

Size: 100ml

MADARA is an award-winning, certified natural and organic self-care brand from Latvia. With a clinical approach, Madara harnesses the power of modern technology and their secret ingredient: Birch water. With the outbreak of spring, birch trees across the northern hemisphere prepare themselves for blossoming by running an energizing liquid to their branches, known as birch water. This traditional detox drink of northern cultures was recently discovered to have powerful anti-age effects on the skin. All of Madara’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, and Ecocert certified. Lets take a hint from the beautiful people of the North!

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