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This deliciously moisturizing Peach Me vulva balm is 100% natural and 91.8% organic (COSMOS NATURAL), made from 8 ingredients (plants) ONLY, vegan (certified by the Vegan Society), and cruelty-free. The formula is estrogens-free, fragrances-free, chemicals-free, hormones-free, preservatives-free, petroleum-free, parabens-free, making it safe for all ages!

Peach Me is a 100% natural and OBGYN & Dermatologist certified vulva balm that moisturizes and protects your vulva from daily agressions, such as shaving, tight clothes, periods, sex, toilet paper, working out, pregnancies & post-partum, menopause… You name it! Say goodbye to dryness, itchiness, irritations and daily discomforts, and hello to instant relief!

The oil based formula is totally transparent, so no worries about underwear stains – plus it is condom compatible!

PEACH ME vulva balm is made in the south of France, and the formula was created with testing and feedback from over 300 people.

How to apply?

With clean hands, just put a little of the PEACH ME vulva balm on your finger. Warm it between your fingers until it becomes oily. Apply it lovingly to your external intimate bit (vulva, lips, clitoris…) or any place that feels good. It should feel totally natural!

The expiration date is on the label and packaging indicates that your balm is good to go for 12 months, starting after you open it.

Marine is the founder of Peachyness, and her creation came to life after she was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2019. She had always felt pain in relation to her period, and was prescribed birth control to alleviate it, as no official treatments currently exist. Along with the birth control pills came side effects, one in particular being vaginal dryness. After scouring the market to find products to soothe her discomfort, she only found herself with products containing endocrine disruptors and other nasty ingredients. The standard she was looking for was a face cream for her vulva! And that is how the idea of Peachyness and the Vulva Balm were born. A formula to relieve irritation, redness, dryness, and chafing, and made from a short list of Organic ingredients⁠ we are all familiar with. (We shouldn’t have to study biochemistry to know what we’re applying to our bodies !)⁠

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