Nuud Deodorant

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Nuud is a highly effective, vegan deodorant with an active ingredient of Ecocert certified micro silver, which naturally neutralizes the bacteria that cause sweat to smell. Natural oils (almond, coconut, and castor) ensure that the micro silver stays just where it should.

Nuud deodorant is free of aluminum, parabens, salt, alcohol, and does not contain artificial fragrance. Once it is rubbed into the skin, it will not leave stains on your clothes. Unlike conventional deodorants, you don’t need to use a lot, as Nuud is super concentrated. 

Nuud’s tube is bioplastic; made from sugarcane and 100% recyclable. It comes packaged in an unbleached FSC-cardboard. Made of only 10 ingredients and 100% produced in Europe.

How to use: Apply a pea-size directly onto your skin and rub until blended in. Reapply after 2-3 days, or after your next shower.

Size: 15ml

NUUD is a vegan deodorant that is magically effective for 3-7 days. This Dutch brand has cracked the code on clean, effective deodorant, made without aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol, or any other vague chemicals. No salts and no cheap perfume either. They don’t do propellants or canisters, rather put Nuud in a bioplastic tube made from sugarcane. Sustainable production & distribution. Not only will your armpits be happy, but your wallet too!

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