Kusi & Vehi Black Set

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Kusi Kimono in Black

Vehi Pants in Black

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The Kusi Kimono is made from 100% crepe silk and produced ethically in China, a country known for its silk. Wear it belted for a defining look, or unbelted for a more casual style. The sleeves fall mid-forearm. When worn belted, this kimono can be worn as a mini-dress.

The Vehi Pant is made from 100% silk crepe, and produced ethically in China, a country known for silk. Featuring a wide elastic waistband, the pants are held securely in place and will fit your body like a glove. They are thin enough to flow with your body’s natural movement, but thick enough that they do not wrinkle easily. This is our founder’s favorite pant!

ENVELOPE 1976 is a sustainable fashion brand from Oslo, Norway, designed for the modern, and quality-conscious woman. Co-founders, Celine and Pia, find it crucial to change the attitude towards production and consumption in the fashion industry, therefore they design their timeless garments to be worn in multiple ways and prioritize natural fibers and vegan dyes. Conscious and Classy!

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