Handwoven Decorative Pink Swirl Plateau


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The most stunning, handwoven plateaus you’ve ever seen – I have them all hanging on my wall as decoration, thanks to the hook on the backside! An alliance of sweetgrass and sisal, this decorative plateau in shades of pink can be used to store or display anything in your home in a trendy and natural, yet glamorous way.

This colorful decorative plateau is hand dyed with natural dyes and hand woven by women in Rwanda. An ethically-made and colorful addition to your interior or the perfect housewarming gift!

Size: 12 inches wide (30,48 cm) per 3 inches tall (7,62 cm)

INDEGO AFRICA is a social enterprise, propelling the creation, growth, and sustainability of women-owned businesses in Rwanda and Ghana, by providing artisans with a global market for their handmade products and investing in their education. They use a range of natural fibers indigenous to the countries where they work, such as sweetgrass, palm leaf, and raffia, which are handspun and hand-dyed using local plants, flowers, and vegetal materials. Indego Africa invests 100% of their profits into the education of their artisans, and because of their long-term, transparent relationships, they are able to deliver beautiful and consciously-crafted products to customers around the world.

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