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I have become so aware of microplastics recently, research says that we ingest 5g of microplastics every week! One way to help avoid microplastics from entering our waterways is to use the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag; the first scientifically approved solution to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans. 

It results in fewer fiber losses and thus helps your garments last longer. The plastic microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag. It’s a daily reminder to change our buying habits and washing rituals. Made in Germany.

How to use: Put synthetic textiles into the Guppyfriend, zip it closed, and wash as usual. Take out wet textiles after washing, and remove the released microfibers from hems inside of Guppyfriend and dispose of them properly.

GUPPYFRIEND is a patented microplastics solution created in Germany, that filters out the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing that ends up in rivers and oceans. The self-cleaning fabric bag is untreated, undyed, does not contain any additives, and is made of a specially designed micro-filter material. Simply collect the fibers at the end of the wash cycle and dispose of them properly. Do your part to save our waterways from plastic pollution!

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