Gua Sha Techniques for using our Quartz Crystal Sculpting Tool

Chez SANNA, we are all about lymphatic drainage and the health benefits it provides, which is why we made sure to make a gua sha option available on the site! Your Instagram feeds have probably been saturated with different shaped Gua Sha’s in the past year, as they have taken considerable popularity in the past year in confinement. With more people invested in their self-care routines, we wanted to break down the techniques of gua sha and give you an overview, so that you can consciously decide if you want to add this special tool to your regime!


Gua Sha techniques come from traditional Chinese medicine, and can be performed on the face and body. Practitioners believe that gua sha releases unhealthy bodily matter from blood stasis within sore, tired, stiff, or injured muscle areas to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting metabolic cell repair, regeneration, healing, and recovery. 


When used on the face, it is known to accentuate the natural contours by sculpting and lifting.  With regular and correct use, it can decrease puffiness, fight aging by increasing circulation and promoting healthy lymph flow, improve elasticity, oxygenate the skin, detoxify and rebuild collagen. This type of change in your skin will help you have a younger, more toned complexion with a natural glow.


It is recommended to practice gua sha in the direction of the lymphatic flow, which will help to remove the accumulation of toxins. This gesture can eventually improve other underlying conditions such as acne, pigmentation, and rosacea.


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The 7 steps to a radiant Gua Sha:


  1. Before you begin your massage, it is important to prepare your skin. Make sure your skin is perfectly clean and moisturized by applying a natural oil (we love this one) or serum to help your tool glide on. Make sure your product is non-toxic and rich in nutrients to promote lymph flow.
  2. Forehead: Sweep the stone from the base of the eyebrows to the hairline. Move up the forehead and repeat.
  3. Under the eyes: Sweep from the inner corner of the eye to the hairline.
  4. Cheekbones: Sweep under your cheekbones, and direct it towards your hairline.
  5. Lips: Sweep across your lips from front to back 6 times.
  6. Jaw and chin: Slide the stone up from the center of your chin to your ears to outline your jaw.
  7. Neck: When you have finished the face, slide the stone from under the chin to the neck to continue the drainage process. Move downward, starting at the top each time, until the entire neck has been done.


The gua sha should be a soothing experience. Drink your favorite tea, relax, breathe deeply, and unwind. For best results, perform each movement 5-10 times per area, daily or 2-3 times per week, in the morning or evening. 


quartz crystal sculpting tool ere perez sanna conscious concept


Chez Sanna, our Ere Perez Quartz Sculpt and Lift Face Stone is made from authentic clear quartz. It adapts to the natural contours of your face to sculpt and lift it, gently massaging it into your skin, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and boosting microcirculation. A real gemstone!


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