Bienvenue Chez SANNA

Chez SANNA, we are committed to driving awareness around the way in which consumers think about the goods they buy. We cater, thus, to those whose lifestyles support the authentically sustainable business models of tomorrow—engaged citizens of the Earth, où êtes vous?

We collaborate exclusively with brands whose
savoir-faire respects fair labour and remuneration justice, supply chain transparency, and the environment’s wellbeing and preservation.

SANNA’s platform supports ethical and sustainable practices by transforming consumerism into a pathway towards activism. Creating a place where the standard is natural and organic, where our globally sourced products are celebrated for their native origins, and where we allow consumers a place to be held accountable for their purchases.

Our curated lineup composed of brands, labels, and artisans is filtered through sophisticated technical standards in an effort to ensure an authentic commitment to ethics and sustainability over deceptive marketing practices. Chez SANNA, consumers can buy conscientiously while investing in positive-impact business models with pride. 


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Clean manufacturing

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SANNA Conscious Concept Waste Reduction

waste reduction


To have healthy people, we must have a healthy planet. Our curation is rooted in promoting sustainability by working with brands that demonstrate transparency in their supply chains and choose to use waste reduction methods, clean processing, natural and organic fibers and dyes, and alternative vegan materials. We encourage our customers to educate themselves about ethical clothing and where their goods come from, what they are made of, and the impact these have on our global community and environment.


Any time we spend money, we are in turn supporting the systems that created the products we buy. We believe that consumption is an opportunity for activism, ensuring that everyone in the supply chain benefits, including the planet. We feel strongly about being a business that allows people to vote with their wallets. Every piece in our curation is made ethically and verified by us so that you don’t have to.


To ensure a sustainable future for our planet, we support the artisans and brands that choose natural and organic alternatives over synthetic and chemical processes. Organic and natural materials are essential in our curation; our designers consciously choose them for their ability to biodegrade.


It is time to demand that we see the faces behind the products we buy, so that we may ensure their safety and wellbeing. By sharing the native origins of our products, we, as a community, can empathize with human beings around the world and use our buying decisions to encourage both sustainable and ethical practices in a new, responsible fashion industry.


As consumers, we need to take back the accountability that comes along with consumption. We will not turn a blind eye when brands are not transparent with their supply chains. Instead, we will remain accountable, demand transparency, and support brands that are respectful to both people and the planet.

a word from our founder

Dear Engaged Citizen, 


My name is Sanna Rasmussen, founder of SANNA Conscious Concept. I would like to take a moment to thank you for your interest in our project, to share a bit of my personal story with you, and to explain how SANNA came to be. 


As an American in Paris, I had the opportunity to live, breathe, and study fashion in one of the world’s trend capitals, beginning in my early twenties. At that time in my life, however, I consumed fashion like fast food; compulsively and without consideration for ingredients or origins.


It wasn’t until I learned about the fashion world’s shadow, following the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, that I opened my eyes to reality: the fast-fashion industry and its manufacturing practices are rotten from their core, masqueraded by fancy appearances and the consumer’s immediate satisfaction rush. 


These feelings were further magnified on a journey to Erode, India, as part of my master’s thesis in Sustainable Fashion Communications. During such a visit to one of India’s largest textile production regions, I came face-to-face with the tormenting reality that working children, women, and men experience as part of the supply chain. 


The shock, grief, and indignation I felt further fueled my detachment from fast-fashion while the need to better understand its impact and ramifications plunged me deep into the industrial rabbit hole.  


Years of research and study of the existing marketing strategies, the cycles, and calendars of garment production, and the rise of fast-fashion since the 1990s, have granted me a thorough academic and human understanding of how the fashion industry operates at all levels. 


Today, my goal is to provide mindful consumers with the tools I wish I had back when my slow-fashion journey began—education, accessibility, transparency, and empowerment. 


I truly believe that by educating ourselves as consumers we may understand how our investments support the systems of production we believe in. In doing so, the very trivial act of “buying” turns consumerism into activism by ensuring our personal health, the welfare of the people involved in the supply chain, and the wellbeing of our planet as a whole.


It is a pleasure to have you here with us, we believe impact relies on the numbers, after all!


Much love,