Does our body odour change as we age?

Chez SANNA, we understand that the anti-aging battle is never ending. With every day that passes, it seems that new bodily issues arise. Our most recent question – do we get smellier with age?


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Our bodies are made up of countless cells that are constantly shifting, dying, replenishing, restoring, and subtly changing the chemical makeup of our scent. This age-related shift in odor can begin to occur as early as our 40s, and the hygienic products available can’t do much about it. Studies indicate it may be the presence of a compound called 2-nonenal, an unsaturated aldehyde with an unpleasant greasy and grassy odor, and that it accumulates with age. 


nuud deodorant nuud sanna conscious concept


Nuud Deodorant, 12.95


Chez SANNA, we believe that Self-Care is self-love. That’s why we love and use Nuud deodorant to combat stinky armpits. A Dutch revolution, Nuud deodorant is made without aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol or any other chemicals. It is fragrance-free and certainly won’t leave any stains on your clothes. A little goes a long way, as it is super concentrated. Apply a small layer directly to your skin and rub it in until it’s well integrated. Reapply after 2-3 days, or after your next shower. 





Photo Credit @joosttermeer & @theconsciousmamaph
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